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It tends to be shorthand to describe the "deliberate act of paying attention to the present moment, without judgment." While mindfulness has gained traction as a trend, most of us are more familiar with what it feels like to be .If you've ever opened a bag of chips only to realize they're gone five minutes later, you know what mindlessness is. Melli O'Brien, one of Australia's top mindfulness experts, has said, Technology has made it easier than ever to go on autopilot.Have you ever zoned out on Instagram, scrolling through photos only to realize 15 minutes have gone by?

ill Crosby, owner and founder of the Conscious Dating Network, has focused on spiritual development and meditation for more than 30 years.

If over the course of the evening you happen to strike up a dazzling rapport with a certain someone, you can write their name down on a card and be matched by email after the event.

Their next shindig is on Friday June 24th in Darlinghurst, Sydney.

The reason is that deep down we have experienced some level of rejection, abandonment, hurt or disillusion.

Embrace Your True Self So what does it take to move the dating pendulum from casual to a more long-term relationship? Believe You Are Lovable All of us desire to be seen, loved, and live harmoniously with a significant other but few of us believe we can.

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