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In a world of i Phones and i Pads, i Pods nevertheless continue to have a place at Apple, and Wednesday's update of the i Pod touch —plus new colors for the Nano and Shuffle —raise the question of which i Pod, if any, a person should buy.For the vast majority of i Pod shoppers, the i Pod touch is the easily the best option.Tiny and able to be worn as a watch, it was a bit of a strange device.The 2012 i Pod nano 7th generation, however, reverts to a more traditional nano design.With four storage options ranging between 16 and 128 gigabytes, it's also the one realistic i Pod option for people who want to take most or all of their music collection with them.Let's get this out of the way: Buying an i Pod nano is almost certainly a bad idea for most consumers.It comes in eight different colours, including dark grey and silver for those who like the sober look.The sole interruption of the i Pod nano’s bodywork is a small bit of white plastic on the rear.

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The preceding sixth-generation i Pod nano was the first to feature a touchscreen, and a touchscreen was pretty much all it was.

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It's the only i Pod that runs i OS, which gives it access to Siri and all the apps available for the i Phone.

Since its only wireless connections are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, apps that require GPS on the go or a cellular connection won't work —but the addition of an M8 motion coprocessor means that even many fitness apps should be useful. Even if your interest is just in music and podcasts, the i Pod touch opens up access to Internet radio, on-demand platforms like Apple Music and Spotify, and better podcasting options than Apple's own mediocre effort.

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