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It used the Wien bridge oscillator circuit, that had been the subject of Bill Hewlett's Masters thesis.

It was also the first such commercial oscillator to use a simple light bulb as the temperature-dependent resistor in its feedback network.

By Priyamvada Jain On May 5, 2006 the two esteemed companies Disney and Pixar merged.

Those include Sphero, which in 2015 released the best-selling BB-8 app-enabled “Star Wars” droid toy and this year brought out the Ultimate Lightning Mc Queen toy from Pixar’s “Cars” franchise; Atom Tickets, the movie-ticketing app startup that worked with Disney/Lucasfilm on “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” ticketing and exclusive merchandise promos; and Imperson, which has developed AI-powered chatbots for several Disney franchises, including most recently for Walt Disney World’s Pandora: The World of Avatar attraction.

“The Disney Accelerator has provided The Walt Disney Company incredible opportunities to connect with and be inspired by many talented entrepreneurs from all over the world,” Michael Abrams, Disney’s senior VP of innovation, said in announcing the 2017 program.

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