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I was talking with a Ukrainian guy who wants to move to America someday. Obviously, I didn’t have a whole lot of good to say…“In America, a 200 pound woman who you would never have sex with is more confident than a beautiful woman you have here. Hundreds of chicks “like this” and cheer in unison, “you go, guy! Tell no one in particular that you are sad, and you’re having a bad day?They even have the audacity to repeatedly say “I’m hot” without a hint of irony. Every one of your trivial observations or random thoughts gets “upvoted”, literally and metaphorically, by throngs of admirers, mostly female but some male too. For countries where it has only been popular for two or three years, you don’t see the raising of self-esteem like in America. Why should she care that you approach her in the bar when her inbox is full of guys within the safe confines of her Mac Book Air?Your lauded accomplishments amount to sharing cute puppy pics. For most girls that I dated in Eastern Europe, I can only imagine how much more negative their attitude would be had hundreds of men complimented them and offered to take them out.We are aimed at expats looking for romance, dates, love, whatever. Your security is vital to us and we try to ensure our site members are who they say they are. NO PHOTO - NO ENTRY Please be aware that we do not accept anyone without a recognisable photo.Get in touch with us any time if you feel you need to know more, we are always happy to help. Sorry about that, but it just doesn't work any other way!Members are here from all around France, the regions and all in between.

This Onion article describes another reason: a culture of fake girl power and undeserved validation seeking.They have tried online dating, blind dates, and anything else that you can think of but have not been able to find anyone. It seems like if you don't have a great job with power and status then forget about finding anyone decent. LMS - that's the three basic things women look for in a mate.Has anyone else experienced the horrible dating scene in DC? looks, money, status (not in that order and each women weighs these things differently). I'm in my late 20's and what you would consider attractive 6's and 7's white girls age really bad really fast in my age group.I get more interest from women in LA or SD who would be 10's in DC.But in DC, the women cop attitudes like you wouldn't believe relative to their MMV.

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