Stop twitter updating my facebook status datingsite ewald

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When a status is updated, it posts on the user's personal wall, as well as in the news feeds of their friends.

If a friend, subscription, or page annoys a user with updates from a particular third-party app, that user might hide any updates from that app altogether.One thing that Edge Rank has the potential of doing is lowering the value of an update from a third-party tool and prioritizing updates that are made directly on Facebook.This means that pages with updates from third-party apps may not get as much engagement.Hope that helps, Shawn As smanaher said, for Facebook (I'm not familiar with Twitter), be sure you have regular entertaining or interesting posts, and maybe give an ad a try.Facebook ads I've found are super cheap, but very effective. Have you updated the contents of your FB and Twitter accounts? New and interesting content is what attracts and keeps your followers.

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