Who does keke palmer dating 2016

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Palmer wore a 'Made Gold Eats Men' t-shirt dress that she paired with black thigh-high boots.

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”Plaza says that it was more than a budding romance during the making of one her first films. But it’s an adventure to plunge into the world of making the film. of them), and then there are ones that somehow fly under the radar, even in this time of tabloid and social-media vigilance. This began a discussion of the film’s star, Michael Cera.“I think he’s sexy,” the host says. “I dated him for a long time.” This seems like news to Ru Paul, who responds, incredulously, “You did? Ru Paul automatically follows up on that last statement: “What’s a long time for someone your age? Years later, we find out about them, and have a nice “Sophie! DMX has been casted in a new indie film starring Keke Palmer, reports Deadline.The troubled Bronx rapper has committed to joining the cast of Pimp, which is centered around the love story of a lesbian pimp, played by Palmer, and her girlfriend.

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